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Spiti Valley is a cold desert region full of beauty. Every year the number of travelers visiting this place is increasing. Do you know what attracts people here? The ancient traditions and customs that they follow, the essence of being true to their early civilization that they still follow! Here we are going to talk about the ancient villages in Spiti valley.

Yes, not only the people but the captivating landscapes are equally pleasant and fascinating! The whole Spiti Valley is full of surprises but the real feel that one gets is from visiting the villages. These villages are some of the highest villages in the world and are untouched beauty.

Most Visited Ancient Villages in Spiti Valley


Komic village

Komic is not just a village but a treasure that India has. It is the Highest Motorable Village in the World which lies in the Spiti Valley of Himachal Pradesh. Komic is also the home to to the Highest Motorable Monastery in the World that is, Komic Monastery.

The village has a population of around 150 people including the monks who live in dozen of houses. Due to its altitude the village mains cut off from rest of the world most of the months of the year and opens in the month of summers. The Komic monastery is built on the top of a small hill. One would see the colourful flags fluttering there as you climb up the hill. From the monastery, you can see stunning views of the hills around you.

The temperature during the winters may fall below -30 degree Celsius and due to the heavy snowfall, the whole region is covered and thick sheets of snow. There is a lack of facilities and basic necessities for the villagers. Even the nearest school is an hour away people are helpful in friendly and are ready to share stories about the place.


Langza village

Langza village is also called a Fossil village located at an altitude of 4,200 meters above the sea level in the Spiti Valley. The main attraction of the village is the beautiful Buddha statue which looks magnificent during the night.

The population of this village is around 150 people living in 3235 houses. These houses are made of mud and have prayer flags tied around them. Some of the houses have been turned into home stays which can provide a traveler with basic facilities. Langza is a gem for those interested in archaeology. It is famous for its rich fossil reserves.

These fossils are believed to be millions of years old. There are also two lakes around Langza. These lakes are accessible through a 3-4 km hike from the village which is difficult for the travelers and therefore very few people try outreaching to these lakes. There is a low oxygen level because of the higher altitude.


Dhankar village

Dhankar is a small village with a total population of not even 100 families. This village is famous for its Monastery and Dhankar Lake. Dhankar village is connected to Spiti Valley through a small motorable road which is accessible by small vehicles only. It is 22 kilometres from Tabo. No public transport is available till Dhankar and one has to take a taxi from Tabo in order to reach here.

It is administered by Sarpanch who is the head of the village. They lead a very simple lifestyle. The cham festival is celebrated here in the month of July. Dhankar monastery is one of the most amazing landmarks of Spiti Valley with stunning views and eye-catching landscapes. Dhankar lake is situated at a distance of 3 km from the village at an elevation of 4,517 metres, and one has to climb from the monastery in order to reach there. Beside Dhankar Lake and the Fort there are are other trekking options if you want to explore the place.


Kibber village

Kibber is a village located at an altitude of 4,270 metres in the Spiti Valley. This village is famous for its monasteries and Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary. Kibber is located at a distance of 20 kilometres from Kaza and during the summers, bus service connects both of the places. The village has around 80-90 houses made of stone instead of mud which cannot be witnessed anywhere else in the Spiti Valley .

Kibber has some basic facilities available. There is a Civil Dispensary, High School, a Post Office and a community set in the village. Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 1992 and is situated at an elevation of 3,600 to 6,700 metres above the sea level, vegetation here is sparse and have high medicinal properties. You may get to witness Snow Leopard here which are said to be 25-30 in number by the forest department of Himachal Pradesh. There are few homestays and guest house in this village.


Hikkim village

Hikkim is a village located in the Spiti Valley at an elevation of 4,400 meters above the sea level. It is the home to the Highest Post Office in the World and one of the Highest Villages located in India. It is at a distance of 16 kilometers from Kaza. One can write a letter from the highest post office in the world!

Hikkim is also recorded in the Limca Book of World Record as the World’s Highest Polling Station and there are no cell phone signals or internet so you have ample time to enjoy your serenity. The houses of this village are made of mud and stones in the wall is off white colour. Due to its high altitude, the village remains cut off for almost half of the year.


These were the interesting yet beautiful villages in Spiti Valley. They carry with themselves the culture, the history and spirituality of this region. They may lack luxuries but are rich in their custom and tradition. If one has to know to get deep knowledge about them then these villages are the best options to dig out more and more secrets!

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